Fearless dan skognes motivation blogger speaker teacher trainer coach educatorIf you want to be fearless, you have to fear less. Kind of obvious…but the question everyone seems to get hung up on is the “How?” To fear less you have to be faith full. To be full of faith, you know to know love…and that goes beyond just head knowledge. It includes the heart. Knowing and believing have to go hand in hand. Perfect love casts out fear like light dispels the darkness. Know love, no fear.

The greatest leaders in history have been fearless. Some might argue that evil people can be fearless, but I don’t think so.  In fact, I believe they are consumed by fear and that masks how they really feel inside. They are driven by a fear of failure, a fear of loss of control, a fear of losing their title, their bank account, or a myriad of other things.

Are you fearless?  Do you worry about your job, your family, your finances, or your future? Do you live in a state of anxiety, or do you live in power and confidence knowing your future is in God’s hands….and you have full trust in Him? Are you like the guy who was talking with a customer service rep on the phone and she asked him: “What state do you live in?” He replied: “The state of confusion.” LOL. Don’t be that guy!

We are getting ready to enter into a new year and some of you reading this are already in turmoil.  “How are we going to pay the bills? Will our relationship end? What if they don’t renew my contract at work?” Yada yada yada. The worry list, unfortunately, is long and the possibilities are endless for many people.

We often don’t appreciate what we have till we have lost it; then we are consumed with the fear of never regaining it, or worse…we are so obsessed with the fear of losing that we just give up on it.

What do you fear? What is holding you back? Here are some things to help you in the new year:

  • Make a list of anything that you are truly afraid of, then ask yourself, “What is the worst thing that could happen if this takes place?” Chances are the consequences in your mind are blown out of proportion because of fear. Fear clouds your mind and limits your options. To think clear, lose the fear.
  • If you fear not making it financially, get some counsel from a trusted financial advisor. Financial advice from people who are broke like you are worth what you paid…nothing.
  • If you fear losing your job, make a plan to become more confident, more proficient, more valuable to your employer. Sometimes this simply requires you to quit griping about your job and start appreciating what you have. A grateful heart and positive attitude goes a long way with employers!
  • If it is a relationship that is faltering, don’t run from it. Find a way to express yourself without accusation and without getting overly emotional. That might require a professional counselor depending on where you are in the relationship…but remind yourself that the fight or flee mentality does not fare well in relationships. Communication has to be two way for your relationship to go the same direction.
  • Faith your fears. Believe in God. Believe in yourself. Trust other people that have proven themselves to be trustworthy. Trust God to guide you, provide for you, and protect you. God is the one constant that you can always trust in.

If you don’t like where you are today, change what you are doing…and that starts with changing how you think. If you live in fear, you will never have peace, you will never attain your full potential, and you will never see the blessings that God has in store for you.

My prayer for you (as well as for myself) is that fear have no foothold in our lives. Let’s each commit ourselves to living the life that God intended. Let’s not allow fear to become our reality.


Dan Skognes

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