Have you ever met someone extraordinary? What was it that made them seem so special? What made the difference was being “extra” ordinary. It does not take parting the Red Sea to stand out in a crowd. It just takes being willing to do more than those around you.

Extraordinary people have some common traits:

  • They are willing to do jobs that are not in their job description. No job is beneath them.
  • They understand the power of under-promising and over-delivering. They know that if the job is due Friday and they get it done the day before, they are a hero.
  • They have the ability to make you feel important not by just listening to you, but by making you feel heard.
  • They are risk takers and don’t let fear hold them back from making decisions.
  • They don’t worry about the failures or successes of others when it comes to meeting their goals. Their primary competitor is the man or woman in the mirror.
  • They don’t play the blame game, and don’t waste time complaining. They own their mistakes and have solutions in mind to the problems they encounter.
  • They are “other” centered, not self-centered.
  • They are competent, confident, and courageous.
  • They know their limitations and surround themselves with competent people.
  • They understand the power of perseverance. They don’t give up just because they encounter roadblocks, detours, or storms. They stay focused on the goal and set their sails accordingly.
  • They have an uncanny ability to raise people to levels they did not know they were capable of.
  • They encourage and inspire with word, deed, and sometimes with a smile.
  • They have a commitment to excellence and are continually learning.
  • They can be leaders, followers, and everyday people.
  • They are people bound with grit, character, and moral fiber.

So, what makes you extraordinary?


Dan Skognes

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