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Wouldn’t it be great if you could get on the elevator in your mind, push a button, and take it to the top?  Well, who says it can’t be done?  Our minds are incredible organs that we only use a small percentage of, so let’s begin by thinking differently, OK?

If you are stuck on the lobby level, or worse, in the basement, what do you do?  If you have ever been on a stuck elevator, there are only a few options open to you:

First Option:  You wait for somebody to realize the elevator is stuck and they come to help you. If the elevator in your mind is stuck, do you REALLY want to wait on someone to notice you need help? What if they don’t notice you are stuck?  Not good.

Second Option: You can make an emergency call on the elevator phone or push the emergency button if it has one. Not a bad option and certainly better than option one.  But what if the phone does not work, or the emergency button is out of order?  Being stuck in your mind unfortunately does not give us the option of pushing an emergency button or using an emergency phone, since there is no such thing. If you had an emergency button in your mind, pushing it would be called a Panic Attack. Not a good thing.

Third Option: Get out of the elevator by prying open the doors.  Assuming you are not between floors, this may work for you. But what if the doors were stuck shut or the elevator IS between floors. Opening closed doors in your mind could require the jaws of life and have to be applied by a specialist. That could be a very lengthy and painful process and really mess up your mind.  Think “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.”

Fourth Option: Climb out the top of the elevator.  Shimmy up the cables and pry open the doors above you.  If you are Jackie Chan, no problem.  If you are the average overweight out of shape American…big problem.  Besides, climbing out of the top of your mind means you are OUT OF YOUR MIND.  Not a good thing.

Fifth Option:  Use your cell phone and call for help.  Only problem here is trying to get a signal on an elevator is iffy at best.  If your cell phone did work, problem solved.  Let’s assume your mind is in a place where the signal does not work or your battery just died on you.  NOW WHAT?

So………….any other options you can think of?

Sixth Option:  Two more things come to mind.  First, you could pray, and then secondly, you can cry out for help.  Those may appear to be last resorts, but perhaps they should have been the first thing we tried.  If the elevator of our mind is stuck, ask God to help you.  After all, he made your elevator and knows exactly what you need to get it moving.  Secondly, if you acknowledge you need help, you are more likely to get it. Crying out for help is normal.  Just admit you are stuck and ask for help!

I have a feeling when you do the sixth option first, you will get to the top a lot sooner, and be a lot less stressed.  Thanks for allowing me to push your buttons.  See you at the top…sooner than later, I pray.


Dan Skognes

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