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It is funny how everyone I know seems to have a plateau. Sounds like a lyric to a Country song, doesn’t it?  It is true, though.  We all seem to have a glass ceiling that we cannot get above in our skill sets.  We simply can’t do it on our own. Even Tiger Woods needs a coach. Why is that?

  • We are blind to our faults and limitations.  Every great athlete or business leader knows he needs a coach or mentor.  He needs someone to point out the things that he needs to do differently.  He needs someone to encourage him to stretch his thinking and his physical limitations beyond what he THINKS he can do. He simply needs someone to tell him the truth about himself…but to do it in a positive way.
  • We may have just become comfortable coasting. Great athletes and business leaders who are naturally talented may become lazy in their attitudes if not challenged.  A good coach or mentor will not allow that to persist. They will push them to excel.
  • Our pride may be a problem.  People that have plateaued could have a pride issue getting in the way.  It is a common problem among the highly talented people of this world, and understandably so.  They sometimes are still kids and making millions of dollars.  They have everyone bowing to them and telling them how great they are.  That is a recipe for disaster if not kept in check.  A good coach or mentor will be their reality check.  They will keep them out of jail, and possibly even save their life.  Long term, they will elevate them to a higher level of success.
  • When someone tells me that they know how to do something because they have been doing it for X amount of years…I know there is a problem with stubbornness.  They are not teachable or coachable.  They feel like they know it all and so the chances of them changing are pretty slim. However, the best thing this person could do would be to get a coach or mentor to help them break through that barrier of self-delusion. Nobody knows it all.  Nobody has all the answers.  It does not matter how long you have been doing it if you have been doing it wrong all along.  We all need a coach or a mentor. There are often better ways of doing things that we thought were the best way.
  • Sometimes people simply have reached their plateau because they have allowed themselves to lose focus.  Personal problems, health issues, financial issues, even just having fun…they can all cause someone to get off track.  They have lost their passion for excellence because they lost their focus.  Numerous reasons could be the culprit, but a good coach or mentor will help get them back on course and focus on attaining their goals.

So, are you ready to elevate your game?  Are you ready to get a coach or mentor to help you?  Here is to seeing you take your game or business to a whole new level.  Thank God for the coaches and mentors of this world.  Where would we be without them?


Dan Skognes

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