Don’t Fear…Persevere

Dont Fear Persevere dan skognes motivation blogger speaker teacher trainer coach educatorOne of the greatest things you can do in your life is to learn the power of perseverance. This applies to businesses, education, relationships, and your own personal development. Perseverance is the grit and glue that binds us to our destiny.

I was speaking with a waitress this past weekend. I asked her what she planned to do with her life. She was in her early 20s. She smiled and said she was in her last semester of college and was planning on going on to get her masters…but she was afraid she could not continue even getting her bachelor’s degree because she did not have the money. She had to work so many hours that she could not dedicate time to studying.

That is a dilemma for a lot of kids, isn’t it? We discussed options briefly, but I encouraged her to finish getting her degree, and if she REALLY wanted to get her Master’s degree…get it now. Don’t try to go back later in life when you are married and have kids. It can be done but is incredibly difficult to manage all of that.

This is the point that many young people face in getting their education these days. They know they need it, they want it, but can’t afford it. She said she had family that could help her financially, but she did not want to ask them for help. I just told her (kindly) that she needed to lose the pride and ask for help. Her family could help her in multiple ways including getting loans and grants.

One of the greatest things we learn from getting an education is perseverance. We learn to persevere when there is no money, when we are juggling school and work hours, or balancing social activities. We learn to persevere because we know that the price we pay now will pay off for us down the road. That is an incredibly important lesson for everyone to learn. Life is not about instant gratification. It is about sticking with it when things get hard. Perseverance is the thing that helps us take the next step towards our destiny. Don’t give up because things are tough. Life is tough, but it gets a lot tougher if you don’t persevere.


Dan Skognes

4 Responses to “Don’t Fear…Persevere”

  1. What is the ultimate? Death!
    Is it not written that ‘Man’ has conquered death?
    “Oh death where is thy sting, where is thy victory’
    What is there to fear?
    We have feared a lot of things in our lives but if you ask me to list them out now I
    can’t think of any.

  2. Agreed! Dreams become a reality with faith and perseverance.

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