Don’t Be A Weathervane

Dont Be A Weathervane

It is OK to own a weathervane.  They are actually useful in letting you know which way the wind is blowing, and they look pretty cool.  Just don’t BE one.  You probably know at least one person who is like this:

  • They are always calling you with the latest get rich quick scheme. Forget about the last 50 that did not work out.  THIS one is the one.  You have to give them points for being optimistic at least.
  • They never seem to focus on any core business. Because they lack focus, they can’t say “No” to new opportunities.
  • They are super excited about what they are doing. Here again they get points for making this sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread. If only I had not seen this  50 times before.
  • They never stay with anything long enough to get traction.  Why?  They just bought in to the next greatest thing.
  • They have a problem keeping relationships intact.  They never seem to be satisfied.

This has become an epidemic in this country.  I call it “The Quitter Mentality.”

  • Kids seem to be born with it.  They have to be taught to stick with something long enough to make it work.  They have to learn that losing is part of life. Nobody wins all the time at anything.  Seek to win, but learn how to lose without losing hope.
  • People in business have it.  If their job is not successful their first week, they are out of there.  If they didn’t make a sale this week, they are out of there.  If they did not get the raise or promotion they expected, they are out of there. The average tenure on a job these days is only 18 months.  Pretty sad statistic.
  • People in families have it.  If their relationship is not working out, they quit and move on.  I realize this is a very touchy subject and probably hitting a nerve with just about everyone.  The divorce rate is over 50% for first time marriages, and even higher for second and third marriages.

What is the lesson that jumps off the page?  The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence.  The grass is greener where you water it. Whether you are in a relationship or a business, let the roots grow.  That takes time.  It takes work, and it takes focus. It takes the C word….commitment.

Don’t we have enough divorce in this country?  Don’t we have enough people out of work?  Don’t we all have enough stress as it is without heaping more onto the plate?  Learn that it is OK to say “No.”  Focus on what you have.  Bloom where you are planted. We all could use some stability in our culture, don’t you think?


Dan Skognes

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