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There is an incredible book and movie called Lord of the Flies. It is the classic good vs. evil story. The hero, a young lad named Ralph stood up to the bullies and it nearly cost him his life. In a very powerful scene at the end of the movie, Ralph was being hunted by his classmates! What saved him was a rescue crew on the beach of the remote island they had been stranded on.

Can you imagine what Ralph was thinking when he saw the crew? The flood of emotion had to be overwhelming. He was saved, and the predator boys were going to find out that their evil deeds would indeed be punished. Good triumphed over evil.

Fast forward to the news this week. There was a Good Samaritan who tried to intervene when a crazed husband shot his wife at work. The wife was wounded in the ankle and will survive, but the Good Samaritan was shot to death as he tried to help her! The killer turned himself into authorities and is awaiting sentencing. Good will eventually triumph over evil once again…but look at the cost.

Both the movie and the example I gave you are bullying taken to the extreme. Bullies left unchecked will continue to bully people until something really bad happens to someone. Sadly, this happens on a daily basis in homes, businesses, and schools around the world. Bullying has become epidemic. Countless people have taken their own lives because of social media attacks and bullying at home, school, or work.

What is the answer? It is not an easy one, but I believe it has to start early in life. Kids have to be taught that bullying won’t be tolerated. The line has to be clear.  Kids have to know if they cross the line there will be severe consequences.

If you are a teacher, a manager, or a parent, please do your part to raise children who understand right from wrong.  Kids need to understand that kindness and love will trump bullying and hatred. Better they learn that as a child than to find themselves behind bars or in a cemetery as a result of their poor choices. The consequences for bullying are never good. Let’s do our part and raise kids to love instead of hate.


Dan Skognes

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