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You may think I have lost my mind here, but cold calls CAN be fun.  It is all on how you look at it and what you expect to happen.  If you go cold calling, it can be rewarding and exciting, because something magical happens when you persist. If you do not give up and are willing to take the rejection, you WILL find the client that is in need of your products or services.

It takes thick skin to cold call, and nobody likes rejection.  I don’t think anyone WANTS to cold call, but it certainly can supplement everything else you do to market your products and services.

Point 1.  Understand the principle of sowing seeds.  You have to sow a lot of seeds to get an abundant harvest.  Cold calling is just another form of sowing your products and services to the market.

Point 2.  If you don’t know how to cold call, go with somebody that is good at it.  Ask them to mentor you.  It is not rocket science, but there IS an art to it.

Point 3.  Don’t rely on cold calls as your sole means of marketing.  If you do, you will likely burn out.  Learn the art of getting referrals.  Once you learn how to get referred, you will minimize the cold calling.

Point 4.  Cold calling CAN be fun if you let it.  It is all in the mindset.  What do you tell yourself before you call on someone?  Is it positive?  Are you anticipating a sale?  Are you anticipating helping the client get something they need?

Point 5.  Don’t sell on your first call.  Go for an appointment.  Give them a reason to give you 10 minutes of their time tomorrow or the next day.  That takes the pressure off of them having to meet with you right now.

Don’t let fear hold you back, and don’t give up because you experience some rejection.   That is part of the game.  Learn not to take rejection personally.  If you have something unique that they have not seen before, that helps.  So, think about your approach.  It is a lot like fishing.  You have to have the right lure to get a bite.

If you have not crafted an elevator speech, do so now.  You should be able to tell a stranger in 30 seconds or less what you do, and make it interesting enough that they want to know more.  Give them a reason to WANT to meet with you that is compelling.

Next time you are going cold calling, remember that your attitude and your preparation will make all the difference.  Expect the best.  Expect a sale.  Expect to meet opposition.  Above all, manage your Expectations.

P.S. I never pay attention to No Soliciting signs.  Those are for peddlers.  If they ask, “Didn’t you see the sign?”  Say, “I am a professional financial advisor who is there to set an appointment with the owner.  Does he set his own appointments or should I speak with his secretary?”  Then I smile!


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