It is funny to watch adults interact and see the similarities in children. Apparently some adults never grow up. There is a wonder in being childlike. You find joy in the simple things of life. You love to laugh, play, and have fun. You are a learning sponge and soak up the things you are exposed to. Those are all great things.

The opposite is not so good. It is being childish. It is when adults are selfish, mean-spirited, unforgiving, and judgmental. You expect it in kids, but when adults act that way it is pretty ridiculous, isn’t it?

I am writing this blog because of recent attacks on me, my friends, and our President. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, but I can’t condone people using a public forum to bash people they don’t know and certainly don’t have all the facts.

One of the things I teach kids regularly is that they don’t have to like each other, but they do have to show respect to one another. We don’t allow bullying and name calling in our kids, and yet I see adults doing this on a daily basis. This is childish behavior. If adults don’t set the proper example for the kids, how can we ever expect them to grow up to be responsible adults? The odds are stacked against them if their main role models are basically kids in grownup clothing.

I want to always be childlike. Part of me never wants to grow up, but I hope and pray that I don’t become childish in the process. If I ever do, feel free to call me on it…just do it offline. I don’t mind admitting my mistakes, but nobody wants to be publicly humiliated.

I don’t expect everyone will agree with my stance on this blog. There seems to always be those intent on sowing seeds of discord. The world is full of haters. They would rather debate than discuss things openly. Life is too short to be childish.

Excuse me. I am going to put on my big boy pants. Stay tuned.


Dan Skognes

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