Change the World

Do you ever wonder if you matter? Does what you say and do on a daily basis have any real impact on humanity? I think we have all wondered that from time to time, but I want to prove to you that you can change the world.

Andy Andrews wrote a book many years ago called the Butterfly Effect, but for the purposes of this story, I like the analogy of a stone thrown into a lake. It is the Ripple Effect. As soon as the stone hits the water, ripples are created and go way beyond what we can see.

Our words and actions are like that stone. As soon as they go out they create ripples in the sea of humanity. Obviously, the closer you are to the stone the greater the impact it has on you, but the bigger the stone….the greater the impact.

This theory is actually mathematical. Newton’s Third Law of Physics says: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So apply this law to what you say and what you do. The Ripple Effect is not just theory, it is reality. What you say and do matters.

This is why anyone who is eligible to vote should vote. This is why random acts of kindness have value. This is why I teach and write. Teachers and writers don’t create ripples. We are more like wave machines that create waves you can surf on!  How is that for a visual?

Next time you wonder if what you say or do really matters, take that thought captive and put it to rest. It does matter. You matter. We all matter. The beauty of humanity is how similar we are and yet how unique each of us are. We all have value and a God-given purpose. We just have to figure out what that purpose is. As long as you still have breath it is not too late to figure out. I am older than dirt and I am just now figuring it out. If I can do it, you can too.


Dan Skognes

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