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How do you feel about change?  If you are like most people, you don’t really like it.  Why?  We are creatures of habit.  We like to know that some things are constant.  The problem is, change is coming, like it or not. We tend to fear what we do not know.

If you want to see a funny thing happen, sit in the chair or pew at church that someone else always sits in.  They will look at you like you have committed the unpardonable sin.  I have done this accidentally on more than one occasion.  All I can say is, “Awkward!”  They give you that stern look to make you know that you should be ashamed of sitting in “their seat.” I don’t go to those churches anymore, by the way.

Almost everything around us is changing.  Our minds, our bodies, our environment, our socio-economic status, the weather, our health, our influence, politics, the stock market, you name it….it is changing.  You notice I said almost.  There is one constant, thank God.  And it IS God.

He is the one thing that never changes.  He is the one thing we can count on to be there for us.  There is an old saying, “There are two things you can count on, Death and Taxes.”  That is true in this life, but does not take into account eternity.  God has eternal perspective and is timeless. The one thing that you can truly count on is God.  He does not change.

How do you cope in a world full of change?  How do you keep your feet planted on ground that is always shifting?  How can you rely on anything or anybody in this world when everything is changing?

Well, not all change is bad. Much of the change we go through is good.  If we become a kinder person, if we start taking our job more seriously, if we start taking care of our bodies (eating right, exercise, proper rest, etc.), if we treat our family with love and respect, if we start honoring God with how we live, if we stand up for what is right and take a stand against what is wrong, all of those are examples of changes that are good.

Next time you get offended when something changes, step back and ask yourself why you are reacting that way.  Look at the change objectively.  Is there any good that will come out of it?  Is there any good that will come out of your stewing over it?  Change is coming, but you get to choose how you will respond.

You have an incredible day ahead of you.  I can promise you this, it is FULL of change. I hope you are energized by the changes that lay before you.  With change comes opportunity.  When opportunity knocks, open it.  You just might find that the change you are facing is what you have been praying for.  You just did not recognize it at first.


Dan Skognes

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