Breaking Murphy’s Law

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I am not a proponent of breaking the law.  In fact, I try to abide by the law.  However, I am determined to break Murphy’s Law.  There are many of them, but the most famous one is, “If anything can go wrong, it will.”  I hate Murphy, and I hate his law.  I know that is not Christian.  I know, I know.  Forgive me God, but I hate Murphy.

I even came up with my OWN Murphy’s Law.  How sick is that?

My Murphy’s Law 1: You will always find the typo after you hit the send button. (Being a writher, this one kills me….OK, THAT typo was intentional for LOL).

My Murphy’s Law 2.  You will never see yourself as others see you.  (We all have blind spots that everyone else can see but us.)

My Murphy’s Law 3.  You will tend to forget the name of the person you just met. (I hate this one in particular).

My Murphy’s Law 4.  The person you just met will tend to remember YOUR name. (How embarrassing is that?  You just met them, they remember your name and you could not remember their name if they were Donald Trump!).

Did it jump out at you what they have in common?  All of Murphy’s Laws are negative.  When we agree with them, we invite that into our sub-conscious, and it becomes our reality.  It becomes our truth.

I have often found myself making statements like this, and I bet you have too:  “I remember his face, but I just can’t put a name with it.”  I just further bought in to the lie.  We have to stop lying to ourselves!

Break the law!  Just Murphy’s Law, OK?  I don’t want you telling your spouse or the cop who just pulled you over that Dan Skognes said it was OK for you to break the law.  Murphy’s Law is self-destructive.  Murphy’s Law destroys progress, creativity, even relationships.  Break Murphy’s Law.

Make this your pledge:

“I (say your name) solemnly swear to Break Murphy’s Law today.  I will no longer tell myself the lies that Murphy’s Law imposes, and will seek to expose them in others so they can be freed from the chains and pain that it inflicts as well.”

For me personally, here is my declaration of independence:

I WILL find my typos (by really proofing it…not glancing over it).

I AM going to see myself as others see me (that is because I am determined to be transparent and admit my strengths and my faults to myself and to others).

I WILL remember the name of the person I just met (because I am actually going to CARE who they ARE and LISTEN).

I am not going to have to be embarrassed AGAIN that a stranger I just met knows my name, and I did not care enough to listen to theirs.

What you tell yourself becomes your reality.  Speak truth and light into yourself and in to others. Murphy’s Law is one law that we need to break and continue to break. (I feel like such a rebel….LOL).


Dan Skognes

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