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You might have heard the saying, “It is always darkest before the dawn.” This is a message for you if you are in that dark place.

I was at a leadership conference last week.  It was the Global Leadership Conference sponsored by Willowcreek Church.  I am still trying to download all the truths that they shared with us over the two day conference.  It was truly an amazing experience.

You know what was the one common topic that every person touched on?  FEAR!  I was attending the sessions with a buddy of mine who has a ministry to break people of the fears they face.  We were both blown away with the common thread in speech after speech. I did not realize that there was such an epidemic of fear running rampant.  The spirit of fear has people crippled, derailed, and missing their destiny.

What is going on here?  Why does fear have a death grip on so many people around the world?

  • Fear is going to thrive where faith is not evident.  It is easy to be a “Christian” until your faith gets tested.  That probably holds true for other faiths as well.
  • Fear feeds our insecurities.  We often allow our fears to take root in our hearts, and when that happens, we begin to become anxious, angry, bitter, resentful, unthankful, worrisome, and exhausted. Does that describe you? All of that is rooted in fear.

Do you know the difference between fearing God and fearing man?  The first brings peace, direction, and life.  The second brings discord, confusion, and death.  The problem we seem to face is getting the two confused.  Fearing God is not being afraid of Him.  He has our back.  He has our heart in His hands.  He has plans to prosper us…to give us a future and a hope. Fearing God simply means to trust Him and revere Him.

So, if you believe that, why are you determined to dwell in darkness? If we say we love God, why can’t we simply TRUST God?

Here are some simple things we can do when we get caught up in fear:

  • Remember the times that God has come through for you in the past.  Journaling is good because it allows you to go back and remember times where you were at the end of your rope and God came through.
  • When you are afraid, press in to God.  He is there.  He does not promise that we will not have storms to go through. Just the opposite.  What He DOES do is promise to be with us, love us, guide us, and provide for us THROUGH the storms.  Press in to Him.  Trust Him.  Read and claim His Word and His promises. PRAY.  He is listening.  He cares.  Don’t mistake silence for lack of caring.  Just because you don’t SEE Him doing something in your behalf does not mean He is ignoring you.  Be patient, trust Him.  Press in to Him. Your answer is forthcoming.
  • Admit you are afraid.  Sometimes we “fool” ourselves into believing that we are on top of things and we are falling apart on the inside.  It is OK to admit you are afraid.  God understands our weaknesses.  He understands that we are frail.  His grace IS sufficient, but we have to trust Him.  It is impossible to please God without faith, and faith is not really faith if we don’t trust Him….especially when we are dwelling in darkness.

Winston Churchill said, “If you are going through Hell, keep going.”  In other words, don’t make your bed and dwelling place in Hell. If you find yourself worrying about what might happen, stop it!  Take every thought captive.  Don’t allow your mind to replay all the worst case scenarios in your mind.  Expect good things to happen!  Claim God’s promises over your life.  He is faithful to us.  We just have to be faithful to him.  Faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain.  What mountains are you facing?  Trust God.  He has amazing things in store for you if you do. No mountain is too big for God.


Dan Skognes

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