Beamers (320x195)

When I say the word Beamers, what comes to mind, BMWs?  Right?  Well, I am not talking about cars, as much as I love them.  What I am talking about is us.

We are all beamers.  We have beams that we have to remove from our eyes.  Picture this, everyone, including you, is walking around with a big beam in his eye.  That is a pretty funny visual, right?  Well, it would be funny if it were not painfully true.

All of us have experienced the pain of having something get in our eye.  My wife has incredible eyes, but sometimes she wakes up and can hardly open them.  They are red and irritated, and she can’t even look towards the light at times.  Imagine sticking a beam into her eye.  That would be pretty painful, wouldn’t it?

Well, we all have issues.  We may not want to admit it, and most of us are oblivious to it, but we all have beams in our eyes.  They are painful too.  They hurt our relationships and keep us from having a servant’s heart.  Beams are the result of pride.  They are there because we think we are somehow better than someone else.  It could be because of color, because we live in a better neighborhood, have a better job with a fancy title, or, God forbid, we drive a Beamer.  LOL.

How do we “fix” this problem, since we all struggle with it?

  • Look at people through God’s eyes.  After all, He loved YOU in spite of yourself.
  • Admit you have beams in your eye and remove them.  If you refuse to admit it, you will just plain look ridiculous walking around with beams sticking out of your head. By the way, everyone else can see them.
  • Judge the sin, not the sinner.  I do believe we have to call sin for what it is, but we have to extend grace regardless.  We are all one step away from being homeless, drunkards, drug addicts, or criminals (take you pick). It is only by the grace of God that WE have not crossed that line, so for those that have, they need to be restored, not condemned.  They need to be loved, not rejected.  They need to know that they did not commit the unpardonable sin. They need truth and grace.

Next time you are driving down the highway and see a Beamer, remember this: you ARE one.  I am too.  I am NOT judging you.  LOL.  Here is to getting the beams out and extending to others what we all desperately need:   truth, grace, mercy, restoration, faith, hope, and love. The Beatles had it right with the lyrics….All You Need Is Love.  That one word pretty much wraps up everything else.


Dan Skognes

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