Baby Steps

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If you have watched a baby learn to walk, it is really quite cute and wonderful.  The baby simply decides it is time. He or she just begins to realize that crawling is not such a good way to get around.

Perhaps it is observation that becomes the motivation.  Seeing people all around them walking and running around, the brain clicks in…”Hey, I can DO this.”  The next thing you know, the baby is pulling himself up on anything he can grab.  His legs are wobbling.  He is looking around like “Is this OK?”

If he is lucky, Mom or Dad is there to catch him and encourage him.  But even if he is alone, he takes that first step.  That is usually followed by a quick fall.  Fortunately, he does not have far to fall, so he pulls up again…and takes another step, then another, and another.

With each step, his confidence grows.  At first he wants to hold on to someone’s hand to be steady, but it is not long before he realizes he has what it takes.  The first time he runs, he thinks, “Wow, this is fun!”

Have you noticed that kids are born to run?  If only we could bottle that energy!  Once they start running, you can hardly get them to slow down.  But it all began with that thought, “Hey, I can DO this. I WANT to DO this!”

I have news for you.  Every great thing that ever was accomplished began with a baby step.  Whether it was a great athletic accomplishment, a great sale, a great relationship…it all began with one wobbly step…and the determination that “I CAN DO THIS.”

What do you have on your table of things to do that is a burning desire, but you feel overwhelmed? It begins with one simple wobbly step.  You may have to get help to stand.  You may have to have someone hold your hand for a while, but do it!

We have all been created for great things that are unique to us.  One of the greatest tragedies in life is when a person fails not because they fell, but fails because they never took their first step.  Falling is rarely fatal.  We learn from the falls.  It is the bumps and bruises that help us learn what not to do.  But what a joy we get from taking that first step!  What a thrill we get when we learn we can RUN.

I am encouraging you to take a baby step today in whatever it is that you have been created to do.  You will find great joy in literally stepping into your destiny.


Dan Skognes

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