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I just received word that my favorite Aunt Ardys passed away at age 99.  She was just a few months shy of turning 100.  What a wonderful legacy this woman left.

Things that Ardys taught me with her life:

  • Value family.  Ardys always stayed in touch and always let us know we were in her thoughts and prayers.
  • She created beauty.  She would send us hand designed cards.
  • You are never too old for relationships.  She remarried while in her 80’s.
  • She loved to laugh and seemed to always take life in stride.
  • Her relationship with my Mother was special.  They had a unique bond that was wonderful.  They both loved to play games and were very competitive.  They would beat you in a game while smiling, laughing, and serving you milk and cookies.
  • She had a devout love for God.
  • She had the ability to put you at ease.  When you spoke with her you just felt at home.
  • She had a genuine smile that would light up the room.

I know Ardys and Mom are together now, and for that I am envious.  I miss them both.  Ardys passing is another reminder that we all have to face our mortality.

If I could have changed just one thing with Ardys…I wish I had talked to her before she passed….just to tell her “I love you.”  She was an incredible woman with a legacy that will go on for generations.

I can only hope that I have just a small piece of her impact on others.


Dan Skognes

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