There are three types of sight: hindsight, eyesight, and insight. Each of them are important, but they give us different perspectives. Hindsight is past tense and gives us our history lessons. It helps us learn from both successes and failures. They say it is 20/20, but we don’t always see things as they were. We see them how we remember them, and many of us have poor memories. Hence, history tends to repeat itself till we learn the lesson.

Eyesight is present tense. It helps us see and evaluate what is currently going on around us. It helps us evaluate our lives and live fully in the moment. For those of us who have to wear corrective lenses to see properly, you can appreciate what it is like to see things clearly.

Insight is future tense. It gives us clarity, hope, and encouragement for the future. It helps us weather the storms and keep track of our true North. It is our compass, our light, and our hope.

It is debatable which one is the most important. Perhaps it depends on where you are in life. I think each has merit and can either help or hinder us. I used to think that seeing was believing, but I found out that a good magician can make you believe just about anything, so sometimes our eyesight is the enemy of our faith, and faith is what sustains and propels us forward to face and overcome our fears.

As we enter the new year, here is my word of encouragement: learn the lessons from the past, don’t miss the blessings of the present, and hold fast to your faith for the future. May God bless you and your family throughout the new year. I do believe it will be a year of great clarity for each of us.


Daniel Skognes

3 Responses to “2020”

  1. luqmanmichel says:

    Thank you Daniel for this meaningful article. I believe the new year will bring a lot of what I have been writing on, to some listening ears.
    I wish you all the best in your endeavours. God Bless.

  2. queendjh says:

    Great message. Have wonderful 2020

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