Need vs Want

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Need vs Want dan skognes motivation blogger speaker teacher trainer coach educatorWants can get you into trouble. There is nothing inherently wrong with wanting something, but when you confuse wants with needs you are headed for some pitfalls. We live in a very materialistic age where it is easy to be consumed with stuff. It seems that we are constantly being bombarded with ads to buy this or that. You can’t be satisfied till you get THIS. Then you get it and say, “What was I thinking???”

Recognize this about wants:

  • They tend to be emotional decisions. You want that Mercedes, but you need reliable transportation and can afford only half as much. Be careful about making emotional decisions. Take the emotion out of it and think about the consequences. You may have to live with that decision for many years.
  • They are endless. There is always more to be had. Learn to be grateful for what you have and focus more on what is needed vs. what you want.
  • Wants and needs can be the same thing. When that is the case, go for it. Just make sure you are being truthful with yourself. You really NEEDED that 75” big screen TV because your eyesight was failing you…right???  LOL.

Advertisers will always play to your emotions. They want to create that hunger in your belly that can only be satisfied with their product. There is nothing wrong with advertisers doing their job. Just understand the game they play.

Relationships also fall prey to the wants vs. needs dilemma. People get into wrong relationships every day because they lose sight of what really matters. It is like the lyrics from the country song, “Looking for love in all the wrong places.”

Here is the contrast:

  • We want a mansion; we need a roof over our heads.
  • We want to get promoted; we need to do what we were hired to do without complaining.
  • We want a lot of money in the bank; we need to start saving, investing, and live within a budget.
  • We want a meaningful relationship; we need to learn to give instead of take.
  • We want the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl. We NEED the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl. Come on…you know we are due! LOL.

Next time you are making out your wish list of things you want, go through and ask yourself: “What do you really need?” Start with that list and you will have fewer regrets and a lot more peace.



Dan Skognes

Search for Significance

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Search for Significance dan skognes motivation blogger speaker teacher trainer coach educator

What are you worth? How can you put a price on something that is one of a kind? It is an age old question for which people seek to find the answer. Does my life matter? Why am I here? Does what I think and feel really mean anything in the scheme of life?

It is a deep subject and not easily answered in a brief blog, but here are a few thoughts to consider if you have ever had those questions or know someone who is struggling with their identity:

  • First and foremost, you have to realize that how you think and feel about yourself may be accurate, but it also could be distorted depending on your life circumstances and your own mental health. Nobody on this planet has had your life. They may have had similar circumstances and can “relate” to how you think and feel, but nobody has truly walked in your shoes. You are unique. Even identical twins are unique because of genetics and circumstances they each experience differently. So my point here is to value the fact that you are unique. There is a reason you are here. You have something to do that nobody else can do like you would.
  • When you question what your purpose is, that is both simple and complex. It is simple in that everyone has a purpose. It is complex in that you and only you can really determine what that purpose is. I, being a Christian, believe that God has created each of us for a “divine” purpose. When my will aligns with God’s will, the pieces start to fall into place like a jigsaw puzzle. It may take a while to see the big picture, but eventually you understand the “what.” You may never understand the “why” of life, but the “what” CAN and needs to be found.

I use the Bible and God’s Holy Spirit to guide me in what I do. I realize not everyone shares my faith, but I am simply sharing with you what I have found. I believe God created me with various gifts. I have been told that I am outgoing and creative. I do love to be around people. I love to laugh and I find pleasure in the simple things of life. I discovered my passion for writing in 10th grade and have not stopped writing since. This is definitely part of my purpose…to instill salt and light in a world that is perishing by encouraging and inspiring people with my words. I just try to do my part and let God use my gifts as He sees fit.

Everyone has a purpose. It is up to each of us to discover what that is, then pursue it with all that we have. It is when we walk in our purpose that our steps have true significance. I hope and pray that you take the first step in discovering who you are and why you are here.


Dan Skognes

Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking dan skognes motivation blogger speaker teacher trainer coach educator

The term “Critical Thinking” has almost become trite as it has become one of the most overused buzz-words in education. It is a great thing to teach someone how to think deeper. It is wonderful to see people question the how, where, when, and why something is done in order to get to the true answer. I wish we were all better at this.

However, there is a dark side to critical thinking. This is where someone has to criticize, berate, tear down, minimize, and basically trash the thoughts, aspirations, and accomplishments of others. This type of critical thinking stinks, and yet it seems many people have settled for having a shallow mind instead of deep thinking. Pretty sad, wouldn’t you agree?

It is easy to have a critical attitude when it comes to politics, religion, and relationships. They are all easy targets. It reminds me of the pot-bellied guy sitting in his easy chair watching the ball game and trash talking how the quarterback is a loser…and this guy never played Peewee Football much less in the NFL.

Having a critical attitude seems to be contagious too. Just go into a staff meeting and start spreading a juicy rumor about someone and see how it spreads. People seem to thrive on gossip…and not the good kind.

When you settle for having a critical attitude, you have gone from being a realist to a pessimist. You probably use the excuse that you are just calling it “real.” The problem is that the vile you spew is self-evident. Why do you feel compelled to tear someone else down? It does not make you bigger in the eyes of others; just the opposite. You are only fooling yourself if you believe that lie.

I have come to the conclusion that people do this because of their own insecurities. They feel compelled to tear down others in a sick way so they may somehow feel superior to them in their own mind. Pretty twisted way to think, and yet it is done every day in countries around the world.

Some days my biggest accomplishment is holding my tongue and not saying what I think. You can’t be a deep thinker if you stay in the shallow end of the pool. Let’s aspire to positive critical thinking and learn to elevate others. This is what we need to master as adults and teach the kids. If we are petty people, we are people to pity.


Dan Skognes

The Point

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The Point dan skognes motivation blogger speaker teacher trainer coach educator

Have you ever tried to make your point to someone and get that blank look from them in return? You know the deer in the headlights look? Of course you have; especially if you have kids or have taught school…or you are married. LOL. Getting your point across is tricky because it depends a lot on the receiver being “tuned in” to what you are trying to say. It also gets tricky because it is incumbent on you to deliver a message that they CAN receive.

Once when I was teaching a class of 3rd graders I had an encounter that drives home this issue. It was a math lesson. Need I say more?  LOL. It seems most of the world is challenged with math. I know I struggled with it as a kid. I will admit I am pretty good with basic math now, but only because I memorized my tables and I have had many years of practice.

On this particular day, we had explained a problem on the board. We have been going over this concept for a week, so this was review. We handed out the tests and told them to start. One child sat there staring at the paper. I went over to him and asked him if he understood the assignment. He nodded yes, so I encouraged him to get busy. A few minutes passed and he is still sitting there…like in a daze. I went over and asked him if he felt OK. He did…so I encouraged him to get to work. When he turned his paper in, he made a 30.

Now, in his defense, the class did not do particularly well on the test, so we re-taught it and had the kids who DID get the concept come to the board and explain how THEY did it. After retaking the test, most improved, but not so much our little friend. He got a 40 this time.

It turns out he can’t read…at least not at 3rd grade level. This would have been good for us to know, right? When we started doing math problems he would get stuck on words, but did not want to admit he could not read. Wow. My co-teacher and I just shook our heads. How did this kid get promoted to the 3rd grade? He can’t read, write, or do basic math. He is not a bad kid; just the opposite. He is one of the sweetest kids you can imagine. He is just slow because of his lack of reading skills and his comprehension suffers as a result. Why has he not been diagnosed with a learning disability before now?

We shall see how it is handled by those who make the decisions. My personal opinion is he should stay in 3rd grade and be given special assistance one on one and in smaller groups with special attention to reading and comprehension. Time will tell how that one plays out. I hope we don’t just promote him to make our numbers look better.

Just this week I went to a coffee shop to get a cup of coffee. It cost $2.87. I gave the high school girl $3 and then reached in my pocket to see what change I had. I had a couple of pennies to get rid of, so I handed them to her. She gave me that deer in the headlight look. She stared at the cash drawer a moment…then reached in and gave me a nickel back. I said, “I think you still owe me a dime.” Her manager happened to be observing and said, “She is still working on doing math in her head.” OK…but why do you put someone who can’t do simple math on a cash register? Why do teachers keep promoting kids who can’t read, can’t write, and can’t do simple math?

Maybe my point is pointless, as I feel like I am trying to change the course of the Titanic by waving at it. I do hope that parents and educators get this point however: If we expect our children to grow up into responsible adults, they have to know the 3Rs at the very least. The more we can get them to read on their own the better off they will be. The more we can get them engaged in class the more they will learn. The more practice they do outside of school, the better prepared they will be to move on to the next grade. Homework may be the best thing for them rather than having them zoned out on their XBOX or roaming the streets with their buddies.

If parents and educators don’t wake up, join up, and help kids grow up, we are going to have a bunch of kids who are dropouts, in trouble with the law, and doing things they have no business doing….like experimenting with drinking, drugs, sex, vandalism, etc. The parents and educators both have a responsibility to do their part. I hope and pray we do for the sake of the kids and our own sanity. Shalom!

Dan Skognes

Pursuit of Happiness

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Pursuit of Happiness dan skognes motivation blogger speaker teacher trainer coach educatorThe Declaration of Independence says that we have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our founding fathers had great wisdom in forging the document that helped make America into the great country it is today, and these are three elements which mattered then and matter now.

The pursuit of happiness, however, has become an obsession to many and has in many instances muddied the waters for those who are seeking real meaning in their lives. Happiness is fluid. It comes and goes. It is subject to circumstances, feelings, and the consequences of decisions we make. The pursuit of happiness never ends.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • Happiness is found in the journey, not the destination. If you are one of those who says, “I will be happy when (you fill in the blank),” you will never find what you seek. In fact, you are missing the blessings that are coming your way every day. You simply have to recognize the joy of the journey. There is happiness in the voice of a child, the greeting from your dog when you get home, a call from an old friend, helping out someone stranded on the road, the beauty of a rose, etc. You just have to open your eyes to what is going on around you every day. Quit focusing on that person in the mirror and experience the life that is literally passing you by.
  • To find happiness, you have to have a grateful heart. Nobody can truly be happy if they are not thankful for what they have. Learn the secret of contentment. Be content regardless of how much or how little you have. Long term happiness is never found in things, but is found in relationships. Use things. Love God and love people. Never get those confused.
  • Happiness is found in giving, not getting. When you give of your time, your talents, your resources, etc., you are investing in others. It never has been all about you or all about me, as much as we would like it to be. Learn to give if you really want to live.
  • You can never be fully happy if your heart is filled with hatred, bitterness, resentments, envy, or if you are unforgiving. Forgive those who have wronged you and let go of the chains of the past if you wish to find happiness.
  • True happiness is based upon love and peace. When you love God and love people, you begin to understand how to have peace and happiness in the midst of this chaotic world.

I hope and pray that your pursuit of happiness is blessed, and that you find the secret.


Dan Skognes


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Storms danskognes motivation blogger speaker teacher trainer coach educatorI think the only people who like storms are storm chasers and weather men because it pays them, but I am not really talking about the weather here. I am talking about the storms of life, and nobody likes those! For one thing, the only people who get paid are psychotherapists, emergency rooms, drug dealers, and funeral homes!

A few things I have learned about the storms we go through:

  • Going through a storm is like looking in a mirror and really seeing who you are inside and out. It will reveal your fears, your faith, and who your real friends are.
  • Storms come when you least expect them and they often come in multiples. So, expect the unexpected.
  • It is probably a good thing to have a storm shelter. It might be your spouse, you Mom and Dad, a trusted friend, but don’t forget God. He is our ultimate shelter. Have someone you can turn to for advice and encouragement.
  • There are storms that we sometimes create for ourselves. When you do create one, don’t complain when it rains and you get caught in a flood.
  • There is good that can come out of a storm. People will come to your aid in incredible ways, God will answer prayers and build your faith, and you will see life through different eyes. Once you have been through a few storms, you will be able to encourage those who are in the midst of their own storm because you have been through the same thing yourself. You may be the rainbow after the rain for someone.
  • Like the old saying goes, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Learn to navigate and endure, but also learn to avoid storms.

I realize that life is tough for most people. We all have our storms to endure. It might be a failed relationship, a lost job, death of a loved one or dear pet. The list is endless. When you are facing a storm, just remember you are not alone. Seek your storm shelter…and by all means ask God to calm the storm and help you through it. He is often the only one who truly CAN.


Dan Skognes


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Drama dan skognes motivation blogger speaker teacher trainer coach educatorI admit it, I like a good drama. I like going to a play or a movie and seeing a good drama play out. What I don’t like (and I bet I will get a few amens here) is all the drama in my own life. The funny part is that I don’t go looking for it. Drama just seems to find me. It is called life. Shakespeare said: “All the world’s a stage; and all the men and women merely players.” Ain’t that the truth?!

As a teacher I am constantly approached by kids to join in the drama they are going through. I was laughing with one of my fellow teachers that we need a drama department. We have all these natural born actors! They can cry at the drop of a hat, scream for no apparent reason, or make you believe the sky is falling when they describe the horrid way someone cut in line ahead of them!

What is not so cute is the drama that adults want to get you to attend. Alas, misery loves company. “Woe is me! I am undone!” LOL, drum roll please. Drama is best kept between you, your maker, your spouse, and maybe your best friend (if they can be trusted). Beyond that it just becomes gossip. I realize how tasty a morsel of gossip can be, but if it is untrue, unkind, unfair, etc., what has it accomplished?

Next time you are invited to join into a drama that someone else is going through, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this person have a history of blowing things out of proportion?
  • Does this person want to stir up trouble for someone else?
  • Does this person want you to join in their misery?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, don’t attend the play. Refuse the free ticket. You will thank me later….even if you are “tempted” by the previews. We all have our own drama that we have to deal with. Why put your problems on other people unless they are a trained therapist, your spouse, best friend, or your dog? Dogs, by the way, are great listeners. You can tell them anything and they won’t repeat a word of it to anyone!  How cool is that?


Dan Skognes


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Haters dan skognes motivation blogger speaker teacher trainer coach educator (2)Racism and intolerance is as old as the Bible. History is full of people who are caught up in hatred for those that are different from them. You would think that we would have learned our lesson, but hatred is alive and well today. African-Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Asians, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Gays, Republicans, Democrats, etc., all have their haters.

I realize that racism typically talks about people of different origin, but hatred seems to be prevalent in our society for anyone who does not believe as we do. It is a phenomenon that seems to repeat itself over and over…unfortunately.

Racism and intolerance are rooted in fear and ignorance. We tend to fear what we do not understand. Sadly, this attitude seems to be generational. I think and feel this way because my Dad and his Dad felt that way.

Is it possible to break this cycle? Realistically, no…at least not totally. It will always be with us as long as there are people different from us, but we can affect the cycle. What can we do in a positive sense?

  • Confront racism and intolerance when you encounter it. People who are haters have to be confronted or they will continue to spew their hatred to you and all they encounter.
  • You can disagree with people who are different and still be respectful to them. You don’t have to compromise your standards and morals; just be kind, loving, and respectful to those that you disagree with.
  • Learn to listen to those who are different from you. Once again, you don’t have to compromise your core beliefs to understand where someone is coming from. The only way to understand them is to listen to them. Admittedly, what they say still may not make sense to you when they have explained themselves, but at least you showed them respect by listening to them and letting them be heard.
  • Resist the temptation to argue with those you disagree with. Listen to them, state your point of view, and perhaps come to the conclusion that you agree to disagree. That makes a lot more sense than bashing each other verbally or even physically, doesn’t it?

I realize we live in a messed up world, but maybe it can be a little brighter, happier, safer, and rewarding if we lose the hatred for each other. In the words of Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?”


Dan Skognes

Forced Compliance

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Forced Compliance dan skognes motivation blogger speaker teacher trainer coach educator1It has been said that a person convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. In other words, I may be forced to sit down on the outside, but I am still standing up on the inside! Think about it. When someone forces you to agree “or else,” there is a wall that starts being built to protect yourself. Nobody likes being forced to do anything, do they? And yet, we all have times that we are forced to comply with things we don’t like.

One of the problems with this whole scenario is people who just have a rebellious attitude towards anyone and anything in authority. It does not matter if you tell them the rules up front. Nobody is going to tell them what to do! That attitude, unfortunately winds up getting a lot of people in trouble with the law, their spouses, their families, their jobs, their school, and people in general.

Rebellion against authority is as old as creation. Man started out rebelling against God and has been in rebellion ever since. The truth is, without rules, regulations, and compliance, we have anarchy. If everyone is left to their own devices, then it becomes survival of the fittest. The problem with that mentality is that in the land where people think it is OK to take an eye for an eye, everyone eventually becomes blind.

I can’t argue that there are some dumb laws on the books, but there is a way to lawfully change them without burning anything, killing anyone, and without taking the law into your own hands.

When you are faced with forced compliance, take a look at the facts:

  • Is the person forcing compliance in authority? Chances are you need to comply.
  • Is the person forcing compliance breaking the law themselves? If they are, question that authority. You should not be forced to do something unlawful, unethical, or immoral.
  • Does the person forcing compliance care for you? If they truly love you and are concerned about your welfare, listen to them. They may very well have the best solution for you if you will just listen.
  • Are you rebelling against compliance because of past hurts? If you are letting the past rule you, there is overwhelming evidence that you will continue to make poor decisions. Let the past be in the past and live today as if it is all you have left. After all, we are not guaranteed tomorrow.
  • Are you letting stubborn pride and self-will drive your decisions? Pride and selfishness are the enemies of peace and relationship. You have to lay down your pride and put others before yourself if you wish to have any peace and real meaning to your life.

Compliance to authority does not have to be forced in most instances. When it becomes forced, look in the mirror and ask yourself what role should you play? Take the emotions out of it and look at it objectively….if possible. We need rules to live by and most of the time we need to comply with those in authority. It may help to remind yourself that submitting to authority is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of maturity, wisdom, and common sense.


Dan Skognes


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Self-discipline  dan skognes motivation blogger speaker teacher trainer coach educator (2)The ability to discipline ourselves seems to be the impossible dream for many people. Here is the catch: if you don’t learn to discipline yourself, someone will do it for you. That is a fact…whether you like it or not.

I had a first grader that was out of control in the lunchroom. He threw someone’s lunch box across the room. Unfortunately for him, I saw it and told him he was going to have to go to the back of the lunchroom to sit by himself. He looked at me with bold defiance and said, “No, I am NOT going!” He flat out told me, “I don’t CARE if I get in trouble.” Wow. This coming from a first grader!

I looked at him and calmly said, “You can either come with me to the back of the room, or I will have that policeman over there come and get you. Which do you prefer?” He looked at me with disgust and said, “Oh…alright…I will go with YOU.”  LOL. It is funny how someone with a gun and badge gets the attention of offenders…at least most of the time.

The thing that broke my heart about this kid is that I found out he had just got out of a discipline meeting with the Principal of the school just before he came to lunch! Obviously he did not learn anything in that meeting.

I have seen folks go sideways with those in authority and it never goes well for them. The problems seem to escalate until someone is hurt, put in jail, or killed. If you are a parent, please do your part to set the proper example for your kids and reinforce respect for authority. It is sad to hear what comes out of the mouths of some of these kids…some as young as Kindergarten. They don’t even know what they are saying. All they know is, Mom and Dad say this when they get upset, so it must be OK for ME to say it when I get mad.

Kids who do not learn self-discipline at an early age are being set up to have a very rough life or no life at all. There is always going to be someone in authority at school, work, or in the government that will hold them accountable. It is better to learn self-discipline than suffer the consequences of the alternatives, don’t you think?


Dan Skognes